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Jul 30, 2006
Eagle, Idaho
I picked up my Red and White Rocket III Classic yesterday. I have read everything possible about the Rockets, but nothing prepared me for what I experienced. After almost 40 years of riding, I have to say the Rocket is the power of a freight train placed in a smooth, nimble machine that almost feels like a bike of a fraction of its size. Oh My God. I will have to write more later, because I am still treating the permanent grin on my face!
Welcome Coyote and cograts. It is a great bike indeed. I test rode one last summer and knew I had to get one. But when I saw the Classic model it was a done deal.
Superb post Coyote. That PRIMAL GRIN is the essence of it. As opposed, perhaps, to premature second thoughts about some RIII features, as if the standard majestic mount were some sort of an interim episode on the way to an elusive, ultimate, riding happiness: will need to change them shocks, will need to chrome them wheels, will need lower or wider bars, will need softer or harder seats, will need louder-but-not-too-loud pipes, will need a PC to dial-in a couple more ponies, will need another dealer e:mail address to squeeze a few bucks out of an accessory order, will need full "shortcomings" disclosure from existing owners, etc.

Unlke destiny (bless us all), enjoyment is NOW. And the "as is" Rocket III delivers a lot --if not "too much", in teenager slang-- of NOW pleasure, I say.

And, in my humble experience, that NOW pleasure has manifested itself for 20 months in a row.Take care. Jamie;)
Way to go Coyote,you got the beginings of a wonderful relationship.By the way you got half the color right:p.Just learned the speed the sportsbikers take on my twisties and have a bit to go yet.Not worried,take them in the straights.:D
I am very jealous due to not having purchased mine yet. Right now I am leaning heavily towards that red/white classic. It is a beautiful thing.

The lure of a touring model with fairing has me thinking about waiting though...
I think the Triumph dealer meeting is in September. That is usually when they announce new models and/or changes in their line up. If you have waited this long and dearly want a touring model you might as well wait another few months to see if they announce it.

I think it is safe to say they will offer a touring model but it might not be what people expect. I doubt it will have as much storage capacity as a Gold Wing, Electra Glide or Star touring models. but that is just my guess.
It's All Been Said

I welcome you and hope you have half as much fun as we all do riding, smiling and looking at all the other bikes in our rear view mirror. I thought about having my mirrors etched with the saying, " Things appear to be smaller because you're leaving them behind you at a rapid rate of speed". Enjoy the forum and jump in .......... the water's fine!

Ride Safe