Goodbye FXR and Hello Rocket


Standard Bore
Aug 28, 2007
Topeka KS USA
I spent all winter rebuilding my HD FXR, looking forward to some good spring riding weather. One of my friends shows up at the house with a rocket III and offered me a chance to ride it:D. Sold that FXR as fast as I could and hopped on a black 2007 rocket. Never again will I buy a harley.:eek:
Don't get me wrong, Harley makes a sweet Vtwin. Pretty chrome and endless accessories. But there just ain't no substitute when you've got that need for speed. The Rockets got it covered. Congrats!
You Saw The Light

Don't forget to thank the Rocket Captain that gave you the test ride. Hope the two of you will get used to people taking pictures, asking questions and trying to keep up!

Glad you're here!
r3 vs hd

Remember those HD fans who won't try or buy the r3, will be spanked by it! :D

One of my favorite pastimes. :cool: