Gooday From Mav68


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Aug 13, 2007
Gooday Gents just introducing myself.Mav68 Live in oz had a Rocket since June 2005. Been lurking on for few years and finally signed on here. Just posted an album with some pics of my customize Rocket and others. Enjoy reading your Tech tips and advise.
Cheers Mav:)
Glad you've joined the forum

First of all......thanks for the photos. Looks like you got quite a few R3 Captains together in one place. Where did happen?

Also I like what you did with the 'Bear Claw' and exhaust. Is that a TomTom Rider GPS. I've got one and with the new software..... really accurate with locations and speed.

You mentioned you were for oz. I live in Kansas ( Home of the Wizard of Oz) so I'm confused by your home location. The bike tags aren't from my state. Help an inquisitive bloke out of this one!

Ride Safe and Welcome
Gooday Pianoman

I am an ozzie from downunder living in Sydney Australia. That Rocket gathering was the annual triumph get together here. 46 Rockets with quite a few customized.
Yes just got the tomtom rider 2. Bought it for my wife to get around with the added bonus fits nicely on the bike. Amazing how she signed off on that bike accessorie with the right twist. Painted bear claw to accentuate the 3 cyclinder intake of bike. Exhaust is Japenese
Welcome mav68,

Good to have you aboard. Seems you Aussie's were born with a wrench in your hand. Good looking bikes. Jump in often.

Thats what the bike looked like.:rolleyes: Thanks Jack.

Mav. what kind of paint did you use on the claw and what kind of prep work. My bike is the scorched yellow :flame:(metal flake gold) and I think I might just do that to mine and make the 3 dimples black. Since your new I'll let you know I hate chrome.:sick:
Thanks for the welcome guys. I like a good plend of chrome and black on my bikes. I thought the Rocket had a little too much chrome so that is why I have painted some.
I taped around area of bearclaw not to be painted and used wet n dry fine sand paper and etched the area to be painted for better paint adhesion. I then used Automotive gloss black and a couple of light coats. I used the same process on oil tank emblem and again on radiator shroud. However on the radiator I used automotive bumber paint which is fexible and was told much better to use on plastics. Finish is more a semi-gloss.
Re the exhaust available here

The exhaust is from Japan. I had Tors and have friends with Maddogs and Jardines. These pipes I believe have the best quality finish of anything out there. They are not cheap for slip ons. They make a sweet sound and have a screw in baffle they makes the bike quiet as stock in under 3mins. I actually butchered the baffle and have a combination on the 2.
The pipes came with new smaller secondary throttle plates that replace stock to increase power and torque with the standard triumph ecm tune. My bike had tune 20055 and it would not run right. Got it sorted with tuneboy. One thing my bike had decel pop really bad with the tors but virtually none with the shorter slip on exhaust on the same tune.