Jul 23, 2006
Spring Grove, Pa.
05 Rocket
My best friend's 30 something daughter got married yesterday and during the rception I decide to step outside for some fresh air. Well so much for fresh cause all the bridesmaids were out there on a smoke break. Before I could turn around, the cutest one of the bunch and a blonde I might add, points to my ****** and blurts out "I take offense to that". Well I knew it had been at least an hour since I left the toilet and everything felt pretty normal down there. So she gets even closer with her finger extended just inches away and I'm thinking.... Hmm, this could be interesting...hope the wife is still sipping gin and tonics with her best friend.....
Well as luck would have it she works at Harley in York and made a remark about the competition (I was wearing my Triumph belt).After I tell her that I own TWO Triumphs she starts in about her V-rod so I let her ramble a while about her bike. When blondie stops to take a breath I asked her if she was missing a V-rod emblem from her bike. She gets a puzzled look on her face and replies "no, why" to which I respond "cause I found one in my air cleaner the other day and want to return it to it's rightfull owner................:D