Garmin ZUMO 550 GPS

garmin zumo 550

I bought one 3000 miles ago... it works... easy to plug into your pc to get the latest speed camera locations (free for first 90 days..subscription thereafter)..(europe version).

One thing seems to be missing is telling you how many miles left until you reach your final just tells you how many miles and then feet until your next turn.

It logs where you have been..and you can download the route(s) to your pc..and view the routes on the "mapsource" mapping program provided...very useful for creating custom routes to upload back to the zumo.
I must be living in the dark ages. I still use paper maps and a Rand McNally and I always seem to get here. Oh well, I can purchase a lot of paper maps (which I can get out at home and relive my trips) for the price of an electronic gizmo. Besides, maps are still free from most States.