Hi Quint!

That my brother is gunna be up to how much you put in just after the light comes on. There is no rhyme or reason to it!

My low fuel light comes on after about 150 miles which is not too bad. It takes about 4 gallons to top it up which means low fuel light indicates 2.6 gallons left. I'd prefer it came on with a gallon and a half left.
Welcome quintr3...

Mine comes on at about 120 miles... almost like clock work. I'm guessing about two or two and a half gallons left. I've never ran the bike dry but it should get 180 to 200 miles on a tank... depending on how much throttle you use....
Thanks for the info. That gives me a little peace of mind knowing you still have some time before your in trouble.
Managed 206 miles between fuel stops last summer in Sweden at speeds of between 60 and 80 mph, however the roads in Sweden are long and flat so the throttle was only open very slightly.
Mine comes on at 100 miles, like clockwork, which pretty much makes it useless. with two tripometers who needs a light, anyway?

I love that second tripometer, by the way. Use one to keep up with gas in the tank and one to keep up with your total trip.