Mar 4, 2006
Bel Air, MD
Has anyone replaced their fork oil yet? If so is the procedure hard? I was looking at the service manual and it mentions special tools to remove this and that....I was hoping to simply replace the oil without removing the components from the forks themselves.

I am doing this because my front end has become very harsh and chatters on bad surfaces. I am hoping this will clean the front end up.

Any advice will be appreciated!

Wow... I just read the service manual and that is nuts. It does say that the service interval is 4 years or 40,000 miles, but that doesn't help your problem much. I guess it would save you some cash if you could pull your own forks and take them to the dealer to have the oil changed.

Have you talked to your dealer about your crappy fork performance? Sounds like a warranty issue to me. In the auto world we swap out struts ect all the time under warranty just because of poor ride quality or noises....