For speed freaks only

Me pussey

When someone makes a blower that will stand the rocket on Its back wheel at130 mph Iam buying It..Just don't know who to get to ride It..HaHa Crazy Jack
I liked it right up to the part where he started doing that crap in traffic. That bike is way beyond my riding level. :D
I can't disagree with anyone...but wasn't the ride fringing awesome!:D When they blow by me NOW I soil the leather. I was right there with 'em til I got smarter; well it wasn't quite that fast, but I was sure enjoying the ride. thanks for the video.
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What makes me nervous is doing that in traffic, these guys are trusting the general public to stay in their lanes. Coming back from Iowa today I had some fool switch lanes right in front of me and it was close. I also saw a semi driver, who must have been half asleep, wake up just in time to realize he was doing 70 mph past the exit he wanted and he actually tried to make it. He ended up going on the shoulder and probably even off the road just a little and started to fishtail some. That's where the Rocket's horsepower comes in handy, I blew around this guy while he was basically out of control. If he would have jack knifed he would have killed me....:mad:
I agree Tomo, the R3's power has "blown" me out of a few situations that may have ended ugly if not for years of riding experience. Often times, "the brakes" aren't what gets you out of a pickle situation, the "throttle" is the ticket. I really think I tend to "escape" with acceleration vs. deceleration.

Whack it, steer it, save it (and yourself).

See ya.