Flipmeisters Billet Aluminum Handlebar Wiring Clamps

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Jul 16, 2006
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Well, I went and did it again.:D This time however, I changed materials. I never liked the push in plastic doohickeys that held the brake lines on the fender so I made the Flipmeisters Stainless Brake Line Clamps and I made them reasonably priced too.

This time, I've designed and machined a clamp from 6061-T4 billet aluminum that will replace the plastic doohickeys that hold the handlebar harness to the bars themselves and will eventually go the way of the plastic saddles on the fender, that is, loose their grip and fall out. Besides, my clamps are better looking. These are reasonably priced in keeping with my philosophy of cheaper bling.

Presently, the clamps will only be available in a machined all over finish. They can be installed as they are or painted (after surface prep) any color you wish. I like 'em just the way they are.

If you go to the photo album, you'll find more detailed pictures there.


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Flipmeister Billet Aluminum Handlebar Wiring Clamps

Here are the clamps mounted on the Rocket to give you a good idea of how they look and how they provide a neat arrangement to the harness and brake line. Again, more detailed pictures are in the photo album under Sidecar Flip


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I have a fuel gage, clock and heated grips and all the wires run down the handlebars. Will the clamps fit all those wires and what will the cost be.