Flipmeister Billet Handlebar Wiring Clamps


Living Legend
Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
I just got my official Flipmeister Billet Handlebar Wiring Clamps in the mail today. Just like my brake line clamps, there were very well packaged and wrapped and overly documented. So, I threw the disclaimers and instructions away, removed the stock plastic clamps and installed Flips. I should note that I *****ed about the stock rings coming loose, but I needed needle nose pliers to get two of them out. And then I installed the clamps. They are very nicely finished. I should note that I found very small differences in the diameter of my handlebars from one side to the other.

Brian, did you purchase them from Flip directly or does he have a middle man handling those matters. Please advise. They really do look nice...gotta havem mister...Merry Christmas too me... :)Thanks Don.
The thumb model is on Holiday...Flip will have to pay Union scale for a substitute....and we know how thrifty Flip is....can anyone help him out? Thumbs only please...SB.
ya know... i can think of a rather closely knit group of co-workers that might find one of their own being a "hand model" quite entertaining. just a thought... actually just a simple e mail... anonamous of course...