finally found an owners forum


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Apr 4, 2006
Veldhoven (Netherlands)
Hello, I'm Theo from the Netherlands, own my black Rocket since april 2005, seen 9 countries with it. Going to add three more countries the next weeks.

Plan on driving from Eindhoven NL to Cadiz in Spain, next week. Return following the atlantic coast through Portugal, Spain and France.
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Welcome here, Theoj. Pure, undiluted Rocket III-only pride and pleasure of ownership. Comradeship and humor on the side. Good buddy-ness with a common denominator of a mount. Feel at home. Best. Jamie:)

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Hi Theoj!

Now that Jamie scared you away :D (Just kidding).. Actually, it would be great to hear about your travels, and of course... we always like pics!!!

Hallo Theoj... Welcome to the R3 site. From one side of the world to the other... This owners site never sleeps!! :rolleyes: Mind you... Jamie is only pretending to be the dedicated R3 owner, cause I have it on authority he frequents Daytona sites quite often and occaisionally he try's to sell the virtues of his "other" bike here on this forum!! :p
Hello guys, you are rather fast with welcoming new people, that gives a good feeling for a start.

The countries I travelled so far with the rocket, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switserland, Austria, Liechtenstein (nor really a countrie) and Italy. This was a five day trip.

Plan for next week is a 6000km plus ride through belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal and back through France and belgium.

Few weeks later we leave for England to go to lands end.

So we manage quite some km all together. My rocket has run 18000 km now in just about one year.

That's not using it in the wintertime, because of the habit of salting the roads downhere when temp goes subzero.

Then I'll have to use the Kawasaki or the Honda.
Pictures of trips will become available after I have retreived them from my previous "crashed" computer. Seems to be a bit more difficult as expected. that's where the computer wizz comes in.
Hi Theoj,

If you come to Madrid do not forget to call me to say hello, my mobile is +34 669 389 742.

If you need any help, let me know and let´s see what can I do.

BTW, I am Dutch !!! from Amsterdam, but live in Spain for over 34 years. I can still speak Ducth, but not write it, sorry.

Every morning I eat pindakas and several times a month I go for some frikandel special !

Have a nice travel and drive safely.