Standard Bore
Mar 15, 2006
After first seeing and reading aboutthis bike a couple of years I had to have one. It has been over 20 years since I owned a bike and never thought it would happen again. Well last friday 3-10 I got my R3. I first test drove a R3 last summer and I was very impressed. I have rode many different bikes over the years but nothing like this machine. Now I've put also 300 miles on it, 150 was the ride home from Chattanooga to Nashville and it's truly a dream come true. I bought a black 06 model and it just blows people minds to see it. Really looking foward to this summer and warmer weather. Happy and Safe riding to everyone. J Penick
Congrats... I picked up mine (early '05 model) this past New Year's weekend. After wanting one for years now, I figured I would start this year out right..:)
Congrats Quint,

As a recent Rocket owner and no street riding of any merit since 1975 I know exactly what you are going thru. It's just not right to think about an inanimate object as much as I do....;)

I'm in heavy accessory add-on mode currently.......:D
Welcome quintr3!!!!

The great thing about the Rocket is that it continues to impress me even though I've had mine for awhile. I've always gotten bored with my old bikes and was continually looking for something else... not so the Rocket. It just keeps delivering grins! You are going to have a great summer!!!