.060 Over
Sep 8, 2006
Lansing, MI
What are your favorite saddle bags for the Rocket? I can't decide what to get. I do need something large. Being waterproof and locking are a big plus, too.
Corbins... ya gotta love 'em, maybe not large enough for you though.

But they do lock and they are waterproof, they look great but you don't want to drop the bike and they ain't cheap..
Corbins look nice with the fairing I'll say that much.They're priced to keep those actors on the TV show happy:D.I know of your bad experience with Leatherlykes but they are better than when you got yours.Mine survived a dumping and still look brand new.And for the price you can't beat the features and durability.
Maybe I will buy a pair of Leatherlykes and reinforce the mount holes with metal before I even put them om the bike. Then they will be bullet proof.
They are expensive and I don't have them but I think the Hepco and Becker Buffalo Bags are the best option. They are as big as the Triumph bags, lockable and hold their form.
Those Corbin bags look great. My bike fell over and if I had had beetles on instead of the Triumph bags, I'd have had $100's if not >$1000 of damage rather than none.

I have had Ghost Brackets on my Triumph bags for nearly 2 years and the deformation is mininal. If I cared enough, I'd have sheet aluminum liner riveted in.