Standard Bore
May 9, 2007
Greetings ... I just picked up my '07 Classic Tourer. I added the front & rear bars & it's sweet. I'm headed to Myrtle Beach tomorrow for the end of Bike Week + a couple of days in the sun. I'll look out for Rockets ... let me know if anyone is going to be there over the weekend.

Now for my question ... this beast sounds like a Gold Wing. I'm over $15K in at this point and am not looking to drop another $1500 - $2K for Jardins, etc. Is there a simple fix (open up the tips, remove the CAT, etc.) to make this beast sound like a motorcycle?

Lets go fish'in

It don't sound like a Goldwing....It sounds like an Evinrude.:D Everytime I ride the bike I want to go fish'in.......I'm gonna miss her, lookee there, I got a bite.....

Myself, I'll keep the Evinrude sound and the stealth ****te and get. I believe you can take the stock baffles out but it's a job. The Triumph TORS make the bike sound like a '63 Buick Electra 225 with a hole in the muffler. Least wise that's what my BIL's R3 sounds like to me. Not very intimidating. Sounds pretty 'Gay' to me.:D
The cheapest way to get a nice sound out of it is to purchase Triumph's cat-bypass pipe (~$350 I think) and then drill out the baffles. You could go one step farther and get the Triumph Offroad pipes, Mad Dogs, Staintune or D&D, the most common after market slip-ons.
Welcome to the Forum DGWatts! And congradulations on the new ride. There are others here in the forum who know much more than I do so I'll hold back on any specific comments. Mainly because I'm not familiar with the best approach to the new '07 models, maybe it would be the same as the older models but I'm not sure.

What I did on my '05, in stages, was to replace the cat box with the Triumph stainless steel bypass (which I found second hand for $200, new is about $350 - $375) which gave the beast a little more roar. Then changed the stock air filter for the "Under the Tank K&N" style, about $60. Then, just the other day I changed the stock mufflers for the TOR's (Triumph Off Road pipes) and "THAT" made the beast talk. I got the TOR's on sale for about $400 (20% off) but that may not happen (the sale) again.

Many ways to alter the exhaust but the Jars really get folks attention, sound and appearance wise. To take full advantage of them I think you really need to accompany them with a Power Commander III or a Tuneboy, which both are about another $300 to $400.

I'm hoping that a 12 minute tune will set things pretty well for me with the TOR's. I have not found time to ride it yet since the install, just fire it off a time or two for just a second or two the enjoy the new sound.

Good luck in this endeavor.
The easiest and least costly way to open up that exhaust is to go with the D&D slip-on. They go for about $450 and slip right on the end of the header, replacing the catalytic converter.

You can also do as I did and just keep your eyes and ears open. I picked up TORs and cat by-pass together for $250 and picked up a Dynojet Power Commander for $202. I installed everything myself, so do the math and that was my total cost. A DEFINITE improvement in sound and in power, as if we need more power.. ;)

I have attempted drilling baffles on several stock exhaust systems and have never been pleased with the results. I would go with the D&D's as I was about to do before I ran across my deal above.