raymond braswell

Jul 24, 2006
Kansas City, Missouri
Posted a thread before the site went down, now that it is up it is no where to be found! My buddies and I are planning a trip to europe in the spring/summer of 2008. We came up with this idea after being overserved in our local pub.We want to ship our bikes, one Rocket III and three Harley's ( I keep such bad company) to Europe and ride for a couple of weeks. We are researching it now, but I thought I would post this thread to get input from some of our R3 friends on this site in Europe. What would be the best rides, what countries should we limit our trip to, can we hook up with any Rocket III's, etc. Looking forward to replies!:bch:
What a stimulating project!

I would start in SE France, ride along the Mediterrean coast then N through the French Alps then E into Switzerland. Once in Switz, I'd the tour the Alps, of course, but also the historical Bern area and Engadin. From there, time permitting, I'd either go further E in Austria or S to Northern Italy. From a motocyclist's standpoint, speed limits and radar traps aside, I could not think of a better journey, Raymond:) . I'd of course be glad to assist you with the logistics and, possibly escort you with some of the RCE (the regional Rocket III Club of which I seem to be the leader) members.

And... It would be so great if other American R3 members (with all due respect to Harley riders) could join you on this fantastic project.

they are somewhere too good drinking wine and riding the alps we will never see them again for us know