engine cut out !!!


Standard Bore
Mar 14, 2006
i went to the irish bike week last weekend ,and at first my prob began with my bike cutting out whilst riding along but a quick pull of the clutch it started no probs , this occured twice in 200 miles , but in the end it came to a halt and wouldnt start any more even though the engine turned over , lucky i broke down outside a toyota car garage , first thing we tried was to change the change over relay, this seemed to work and the bike started no problem and i was able to complete my journey to killarney , thinking the prob was solved ..... next morning we were to join a ride out around the kerry rings but my bike was having a job to start, but seemed to run ok when it did so , but after about 5mins riding to my embarrassment and every rocket guys night mare i broke down ... right in the middle of about 500 harleys also on the meet !!, in fair play to them i didnt get too much stick but this baby want going anywhere this time , i had to suffer the sheer embarrassing sight of my rocket being loaded onto a recovery truck and being transported back to england ,if i hadnt had such a good time id have been sooo pissed off and the fact that it poured with rain al the way home !! , the only thing ive had changed is i had the rivco ignition relocation fitted .... has any one had this prob with or without the ignition relocation ???