Editorial - International Motorcycle Show - Fort Worth, TX

My opinion


Some very interesting observations. We have the same (basically) show in our area at the Rock Financial Center, just west of Detroit. Triumph has never made a factory appearance there though the local dealers do have the Marque in attendance. I, for one, have trouble comprehending why Triumph chooses not to exploit venues such as motorcycle shows to promote their marque in this country while in Europe, Triumph is almost always in attendance. Is it a budgetary constraint or just an upper management decision? Whatever it is, I feel it's a poor decision. That amount of exposure that is garnered at a shows such as these is really a bargain in the long view, a view that Triumph seems to have very little interest in.
I went there Sat. and had a good time also. I can't imagine a better place to show off the new R3 and Street Triple. Maybe next year.
For some reason Triumph has decided that their marketing money is better spent making internet videos and mailing out glossy fashion mags. However I have read that the Cycleworld show is very expensive for manufacturers to participate in.