Well.... I kinda blew that deal :mad:... It probably won't mean much if I ride tommorrow, kinda like giving roses on the 15th.....
:) I did just get back from riding to my snowmobile club meeting...does that count? Three of us there were on bikes
I was too much of a weenie. Heat index today of 105F. Which on a Rocket III is like riding down hell's driveway.:flame:
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I had to drive my truck on that particular day to haul something, but I ride to work at least three days a week. I figure this day is for those wanna-bes who have a bike in the garage but hardly ever ride it!;)
I rode mine Mon - Wed this week. Super nice rides in the morning! I have a 35 mile drive to work and a couple of nice back road choices. Going home is a different story! It's been over 100 degrees every afternoon.. yuck..
Snangdangit,I work at home,how does that count?Leave work to ride?I get so confused,it's a good idea though.Does it count if I don't feel bad I DID'T:eek: Thanks Pig9r:p