Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
In case some of the locals didn't see the update on the ride we cancelled last Sunday, I'll start this as the current plan for December 17th.

Again I hope the weather guys/gals are right for a change and we have at least the lower 50's for this Sunday. I rode today @ 59 degrees and it wasn't bad considering I didn't have any of the heavy duty gear strategically placed on my person.

Any ideas on where we might ride to grab a little lunch? (Notice how I got the word lunch in there real smooth) If anyone is interested, please leave a note on this thread so I've got an idea who's going, where they're coming from and where we could meet up for the ride.
Hey Pianoman, I'm planning on trying it & coming down from the North. I'll probably have about 3 inches of snow on me by the time I get there, coming from the North & all. Sure wish the weather was going to be similar to tomorrow (Thursday), about 62 or so. Maybe I could borrow my buddy's chaps again. One thing about the Rocket, the stock foot pegs put your legs right out there catching the wind the nose cone is breaking. Cools you off real good when the temp is about 45 to 55 degrees. I've got my fingers crossed that we can get together & have some hot chocolate, well, at least the first drink of the afternoon.

I'll borrow the wife's cell phone & make sure I have your cell number in case the afterburners malfunction in the extreme cold, or my bladder freezes solid.

See ya soon.
I'm in as long as my wife doesn't go into labor. I rode a little last Sunday. It was 38 when I left the house. Saturday shouldn't be bad. If you are gettin cold just draft the P-man. He has every upper-lower and deflector available and the thermal glow from his eletronic devices should be good for an additional 10 degrees. And now that he has electric garmets too...
I probably won't know until late Saturday... I have to work this Saturday so I may have last minute Xmas stuff all crammed into Sunday... Just put me down as a maybe....

The Power Plant is open this Sunday at 11:00 am in Parkville. I've eaten there several times and the food is above average.

O'Malleys in Weston is open at 11:00 am for food ( I'm sure you can get a beer as well) but the pub doesn't open until 3:00 pm

As to a meeting place, there's 2 possibly coming from the Lee's Summit area, 1 from St. Jo, I'm in dowtown Overland Park and Raymond.....I'm not sure where you are in the city. I'll propose Tomo and Pig9r come across 435 south and I'll hook up with them at Metcalf and we'll head up 435 on the west side to 45 highway. Turn left and follow it to the Weston turn off (273). Rusty, take highway 273 exit as you come down 29. Turn right and it should take you right into the town. Raymond, can you meet us somewhere along the way?

If we decide on Parkville instead, we'll just turn right on 45 and go east to 9 (East St.) and turn right and it's only a mile or so to the Power Plant.

Rusty, looks like you're doing most of the riding but I can't find anyplace in between our two domiciles that might work.

I live in the 'hood', actually Hyde Park in midtown around 36th. I think it would be easiest to meet you guys at 435 and 45 intersection. I really do not know what is there but I am sure a place to gas up. My cell phone is 816-304-3540. What time should I be there?
Time And Place

Not knowing everyone's ability to "Head Out" I'm going to say Tomo and Pig9r meet me at 435 and Metcalf @ 11:00 am. Raymond, why don't you come west on 70 and when you turn north on 435 get off at State Ave going west and we'll meet you there around 11:30 am at the Wolf Lodge lobby. That will get us to lunch before 12:30 pm. at either location.

Rusty, I forgot if we decide on Parkville, you'll stay on 29 south to 9 highway exit. Turn right and go south a few miles to downtown. As 9 swings east at the bottom of the hill, turn right and go a block or so. Then left and you'll see the Power Plant on your right by the RR tracks.

Which place sounds best. Let me know what you think :confused:
If you guys can decide on a time that Raymond will meet you at 45 & I-435 (I'm assuming on the west side of the city as I look over the map), I could plan on meeting you guys there. I could branch off I-29 at the I-435 (Topeka) exit & it will be just a short distance (about 7 miles) to the 45 intersection. I guess I could catch up with the group in Parkville if I miss everyone there at 45 & I-435. As Raymond says, surely there is a station there we could meet at, we just need to figure out a plan in case there is more than 1 station.

If I go on to Parkville, I'll turn west on FF (where 9 goes on east) and find you guys within a block or so of that turn. I assume the Power Plant is just off the main drag within viewing distance, right?

Keep me posted Pianoman.
Great Wolf Lodge

Rusty...... Even though it might be a bit farther for you, why don't you meet us at the Great Wolf Lodge at 11:30 am. We can all ride together to either Parkville or Weston. Take I-29 South to the 435 South exit. You'll actually go past highway 45 but you'll notice there's really nothing at that intersection except farm fields and silos. Get off at State Ave and you'll see the Great Wolf Lodge on your right ( Looks like it's made of gigantic lincoln logs). We can warm up for a few minutes and then decide which way to go. Hope that's okay with you?

We'll know more tomorrow evening and I'll send out a message before I go to work around 7:00 pm.