Dealers and their service


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Mar 25, 2007
Waco, TX
FWIW :confused:

I broke down in Mena, Ark. last week and had to haul the bike, (an '05 r3 with 22K on the clock), to the dealer in Waco where I bought it.

The bike was two years and one month old at the time of its breakdown so technically it was out of warranty. I figgured to have a bill presented to me when it was repaired, but no, the dealer took care of me and said that Triumph would make it a courtesy repair.

Because of the good service, I simply must post these accolades for EuroShop of Waco, Texas who have done a good job through the years of taking care of it's customers.

darron :D

ps. it was the fuel pump relay that went bad. :mad: