Dealer Said Big Changes Coming 2008


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Sep 4, 2006
Cantonment, Florida. USA
2007 Rocket 3 Classic
My dealer said the R3 WILL be completely different looking for the 2008 model. Said tank and headlight assy WILL have major changes. Anyone have any other info on proposed changes????
I haven't heard a thing.... but I can always snoop around :roll:...

That was one of my suggestions in another thread... if they aren't happy with the numbers freshen it up. It would also be a good time to integrate a real tourer into the styling. They had better be careful... the best looking feature (to me) is the gas tank. Just don't make it uglier :D. They could move forward and away from the Harley looking front fender and more of a Triumph signature angular look (almost like a Stealth Bomber) like the Speed Triple has and the 675. Triumph has been pretty good in the styling department (Well... except for the "dog pecker pink") so I'll just butt out...:eek:
Dog pecker pink??


Honestly, I can't say with assurance that I've ever observed a dog's pecker, besides all our dogs are *****es. I have, however observed a horse pecker and they are multicolored, not pink.:D

I know you are going to wonder what or why I might be observing a horse pecker. Simply put, as my wife breeds our Percheron horses, the easiest and most enjoyable way (for the mare, that is), is live cover versus artificial insemination and, under the laws set for by the PHA, one must witness the breeding......nothing is private anymore.:p
Very Interesting

JBR...... If they made anything close to what the picture respresents....... I'd have to take a long look at a trade-in. As much as I love the '05 and all the STUFF I've put on it..... I really like the look of that touring R3 prototype. I know Jamie will like it just for the green color!
I hope it kind of stays the same. The corbin fairing isn't half bad. Maybe add some lowers and a built in stereo and intercom and that is about all that is needed. When you start adding all of the enclosures like the Goldwing and BMW 1200s they start to look like appliances instead of motorcycles. I want to look and feel like I am riding a bike not a refrigerator.

Since I'm the local chapter president of "Old Farts"....... I'll take that as a compliment. Besides, it's always what the "Eye of the beholder" likes that really counts. As long as it's got Triumph written on it........there's always hope! They might even build a few with side cars and that would be even more interesting....... huh!

Pig9r said:
I hope it kind of stays the same. I want to look and feel like I am riding a bike not a refrigerator.


I edited out the Corbin stuff....too pricey for me.:D

If you have a fridge that runs like a Rocket and keeps chocolate milk cold, you'd better market it. I'll place the first order. I want the French door model in stainless....;)

Last night I saw a battery powered freezer in an Amish periodical so anything is possible.