Mar 10, 2006
Noosa, Qld, Australia
Triumph Rocket 3R
Tomo, you've done a good number on this! Great feel and good features so looks like we're gonna have fun especially since the ole dragon's been let loose outa vonbond's shed. :p
Hi Mr. Davo!!! I'm glad you're here... Pig9r bought a set of Mad dogs and we are gonna try em out today... probably down at the local Harley dealer.

JD?? Is that you??? You're most welcome on this site also, I'm going to try to get past all the mudslinging. This site is going to have a different flavor that ANY of the other sites. I'm not trying to put anyone out of business or anything else subversive. I gonna move on and have some fun with or without ya... It would be nice if you would give it a chance.
Hey Monkey Punnisher, it's the use of the word "stooge"... dead giveaway mate! Hey at least ya gotta thank Tomo for bringing things alive again. Hell man, you've got to admit that things were a bit hohum before all this exciting stuff blew up. I'm even back to setting my traps twice daily. It's good clean fun! Davo
....hey jd, even I was thinkin the Punisher has to be you,....i mean....who else wanted to punish someone/thing more than you.....its cool......suits the occation....;) was the avatar that gave it away for me........
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Im just pissed because my original name jdony1 was blocked,I got an email back saying I did not meet there criteria.SO whats the go with that.??????Banned before I got to do anything.
Any way I will be up your way next Monday the 20th for for or five days,will be in Brisbaine or close to it,I might come and see you mugs
..jd, that would be farken awesome if you can get up here, jus let me know when and i'll throw the day.....look forward to it.....there's room if you wanna stay probs....:)
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...hey Boney arse....ya said jd was welcome let him ave is jdonly signature