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Jul 13, 2007
New Orleans, La
Hello good people!! I traded in my 2005 Yamaha RoadStar/SpeedStar Silverado for an 07 R3 Classic Tourer last week. It is still on order and I am dying over here!!!! The test ride sold it for me. I loved the looks of it since it came out, but couldn't afford one until recently. I have a few questions, and I hope that I can get some opinions from ya'll, good or bad, they are appreciated!! I bought the graphite grey/pacific blue combo, however, that will be changed out for the Orange metallic tribal. I wanted to be different, as there are but maybe 1 R3 riding around in my area. I only wish the tribal came in different colors. At least they are giving me the other parts (tank, fenders, etc.), so if I get tired of the orange, I can switch them out!! This dealership is VERY new, so I am concerned about their experience in the shop. I ordered the Triumph "off road" silencers along with their upgrade kit. Crazy, I know---freakin' 800 and something dollars. Can I assume that this "upgrade" kit means that they will bypass the cat? Do the new mufflers come with a new tune for it that they have to install? I am having them leave the saddle bags off for now. If I need/want them later, I'll put them on. I bought the tourer because it had everything else I wanted and was cheaper. I also ordered the fog lights, fuel gauge, touring seat, rider back rest, and knee pads. Does anyone else have a tribal here that I could see? I didn't see any in the photo gallery. Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hello. Oh, almost forgot---I see that the Tuneboy group buy ends tomorrow. Should I get this since Triumph should change the tune on it to match the new pipes? I do plan to do something with the intake. PROBABLY just a K&N under the seat. PLEASE--any thoughts/answers/recommendations will be most appreciated. As a Paramedic, I promise to stick you with a tiny needle instead of a large one if I ever have to take care of you!!! Thanks so much!
Hi Darrin!!

You are going to love your new Rocket. I still love my old Rocket :D.

I don't know what they mean by "Upgrade Kit"... that is probably what we call the Cat bypass.

They used to have pics of the Tribal on the Triumph website... you might check there.

Getting the Tune Boy is your call, if nothing else you can correct speedo error and open up the secondary throttle plates and so on. It seems like the Tune Boy programs are finally becoming more and more useful.

Even though you are dealing with a new shop, I do believe the tech(s) have to go through factory training down in Georgia, and from what I understand, the techs have pretty good factory support. Taking care of bikes is becoming more of a team project these days, just like cars.

Look through the website... lots of good stuff on here....

Welcome to the Forum. Tribal Orange Tourer? That's a new one. The 800 bills sounds as though the exhaust upgrade includes the "silencer upgrade" which is the elimination of the Cat. I've had mine (Tourer) for 7 months and 7k miles. Now I'm anxious to upgrade with the TuneBoy. I'm sorry I can't answer the Tunes question. Though I did the silencer upgrade with stock bologna pipes I didn't have any re-tuning. Personally, I'm more than satisfied with the resulting sound. A couple of the recent Smashville Raiders remarked, positively, on it as well. I saw one Blue Tribal in the bunch in Nashville. Looked good. Of course you know theTourer has the better looking silver painted engine while all other '07s including the Classic, I do believe, have the tired black engines:D

I've also added lowers, a throttle control, and Kuryakyn Magnums. The auxillary lights are, next to the lowers, my favorite addition. Knee pads:eek:

Again, welcome to the forum.
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Laisser Le Bon Rouleau de Temps

Darrin.... Always great to have another Captain join the fun. I'll leave the real tech stuff to Tomo, Flip and others. I'm un-officially the laundry and moral officer.....self proclaimed and soon to be "Court Jester".

I spent some time playing at Chateau Le Moyne, 3rd and Dauphine in the Quarter. Wonderful memories and I, as I'm sure all do, wish everyone the best in bringing the city back to life and bringing life back to the city.

Have a Benet for me! :D
Welcome. Here are a few photos of member cane corso's orange tribal Rocket. In '06 you could get the tribal in blue and red from the factory. The orange was only available as replacement tins from Triumph.
Thanks Ya'll

Thank ya'll for the responses. Much appreciated!! Piano, thanks for the well-wishes for the city. What really sucks is the national media only shows the low-lifes from New Orleans sitting on their arses looking for handouts and waiting for someone else to do the work. What they don't show you is hard-working people that had 4 feet of water in their home, ruined everything, and then rebuilt. The politics in New Orleans and Louisiana are just embarassing, but that's another story, Senator Vitter, ahem ahem!!!!!!! LOL!!! Anyway, I bought the silencers from the accessories. I believe the last 4 numbers in the sku were 8060, and the upgrade kit that went with them. I do feel a little better knowing that they did have to get some type of Triumph training. 1 more thing Piano, I'll leave the beignets alone, but I will drink a few Hurricane's from Pat O'Brien's and a Monsoon from Port Of Call for ya!!!:bch: