Dammit to Bloody-Assed Hell!!!


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Mar 8, 2006
Carthage N.C. U.S.A.
My output shaft bearing might be gone, and I'm going on a 9 day trip to the mountains on July the 7th. Been feeling and hearing a little bit of noise and vibration, but in the last couple days it has gotten much worse. At 2000 rpm and a light throttle the foot pegs are really vibrating and the noise is plainly audible now. As other people have described, pull in the clutch lever just enough to put a little pressure on the clutch and all the noise and vib. goes away. Have called three dealers and no one will admit to having ever heard of the problem. Guess I'll have to trailer:mad: it up to Myers in Asheville Saturday and see what they say.
Bummer is right wilber. I hope it all works out for you. My bike has a nice vibration now too and I am getting a bit worried. I am going on an MC vacation starting this Sunday and I want to take the Rocket. I have 26K on my bike and it maybe has a few weeks left on the warranty. I just changed my front tire which was gone so I had hoped that would clear up the vibes...not really.
7500 miles on it. Only had it 7 months, so plenty of warranty left. Vibration built up very gradually until 2 days ago, then got worse in a hurry.

Hopefully can get her fixed in time for my trip.:confused:
Really a major bummer wilber-t,:( seems to be a pretty consistent achilles heel for Triumph.Engineering needs to address the issue with a better supported bearing load on the line,and a field mod similer to the shaft recall.For a bulletproof motor to have a shakey drivetrain just illustrates a need for action,and not wait for failure to hope it happens out of warrenty.:cool: Costomers hellbent for power may need to think it through the weak link:confused:
It sounds like Triumph needs to issue at least a TSB on this so their dealers don't look like morons when confronted with this problem. This could be a dangerous situation, it doesn't take very many documented cases by the NHTSA (?) to force a recall.

I hope yours gets fixed quickly Wilbur. You know how this **** woirks... lean on them :mad:
You know how this **** woirks... lean on them

I called the service manager and asked him to research the problem with Triumph before they go to work on my bike. Also told him to look it up on the web if he didn't believe me. Told him about the guy on T-Rat who is a lawyer and talking about a lawsuit. As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so I guess it's my turn to squeak!:p

Does anyone know Triumphs policy on loaner bikes?
Well I know a couple of R3 owners who are thinking of selling before they too start to experience probs with their bikes. There seems to be an all too big list of growing concerns! On a poll on the 'other' site... 62% I think have had idle/stalling probs with their R3's! Look what just happened to JD!
i posted a reply under trans trouble.i just went and looked at mine all apart the output bearings are fore and aft of a sumptin sumptin spring.on mine the aft ball bearing let go.they supposedll updateded tha assembly and thats what im waiting for now.it only affected the earlyest ones.i had no viberation just a lot of racket.different wines in every gear.waa wee oho shejfnrj oops.:eek: