Cycle World Show


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Aug 11, 2006
Can't figure out why Triumph won't be at the Cycle World Motorcycle show in Phoenix this year?
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I go to manufacturers shows when I get invited (occasionally) and if I can park for free (cheap). Ever been to one? If I was Triumph I think I'd abstain from exhibiting also.

Last one I went to was in Novi, Michigan. 8 bucks to park, 6 bucks to get it and 2 bucks for a watered down coke and no ice. forgot, 4 bucks for a styro cup of beer. Did the 2 buck coke. Had tickets that included parking from an exhibitor friend. Saw nothing of interest except the back lot of exhibitors that didn't have the bucks for the glitz. That back lot was a flea market and that's where the interest was. Those shows are a joke.
Triumph didn't do hardly any shows last year, from what I have heard. I don't know why... possibly a very tight advertising budget? They probably analized how many people they reach for the advertising dollar spent, and shows didn't do well?? Those shows are probably a pain for the manufacturers also... but I'd like to attend one once in awhile. If no one showed... why bother?
I enjoy the Cycle World shows. The ticket and parking are a rip off, but worth it to me to sit on, fart and leave fingerprints all over 50 bikes. Triumph thinks their advertising dollar is better spent elsewhere and it probably is.
Last year was the first year Triumph didn't participate in the show. They had local dealers there but no factory showing. They said for the money that Cycle World charges they can reach more customers through other means. Triumph does participate in European shows. In the last issue of Cycle World they call Triumph party poopers for being the only manufacturer not in the show.
On our RAT ride I asked about this and was informed that Triumph is not interested in making lots of motorcycles but interested in a good match of quantity and quality.Having the print media proclaim their products as they do asserts this philosophy.I don't want to see my bike all over the place like many others are but to each their own.
Triumph is not interested in making lots of motorcycles

Looking at Triumph's goals of increasing production by 25% a year and introducing two new or revamped models each year doesn't really reflect those interests.

Bottom line is they don't have any shareholders and only one person has the final say. So really Bloor just has to please himself. I am sure he is loyal to his workforce and wants to keep them employeed, but at the end of the day if he doesn't want to do something he doesn't have to, he doesn't have to be accountable to anyone because it's all on his dime.