Custom variable exhaust

Probably the only way to have modified exhaust in France. Close it in the city, then open it in the country. Good idea.
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Good idea

Seems like a good idea to me.
Also liked the one about the "choke cable"
my question is, could we get it attached to the throtle cable,
so when you're on the open road, your exaust would be open,
or if you shower down on it from red light to red light.
While doing sensible driveing around town, you'd be sorta quiet
and sorta undetectable be the "man".
Bet the flipster could whup us somethin' up.
Maybe after the bag stiffners.
How bout it flip, is it doable?
or would it screw up the "tune"?
I only mention this out of total ignorance,
Either way,
To GOD be the glory,