Corbin Fleetliner Again


Living Legend
Feb 25, 2006
Since it was so cold out I installed the Fleetliner. This is a very nice fairing, it is built well and has a very nice finish to it. It is mounted solidly and it's not going anywhere. I didn't go out and ride (It's 35 F) so I can't tell you much there. It is about 6 inches taller than the flyscreen and it will offer way more weather protection. The windshield can be changed easily. It took me about two hours to put it on. You really do need a 17 mm deepwell to do this, so beg, borrow or steal one if you are going to install this yourself. After it is on... its easy to reach in and get to the ignition lock, probably easier than the flyscreen.

Some pics from old to new... They turned out a little dark in my garage even with the flash, probably due to all the black paint (Black soaks up everything speedy). It almost looks like there is some "noise" in some of these pics but it is just flash reflection from all the shiny surfaces.

More to come....
The Fleetloner looks good Tomo, but, what's in the center of the handlebars in picture #DSC00292.jpg?. It actually looks unscathed by it's accidental fall. Time to go riding if it ever warms back up. Oddly, you are the same temperature as we are over here in Michigan.
Good Job did it again. Looks great but I want to know something. In the next to last photo the clock shows 3:42. In the last photo it's 3:55. I'm wondering if it took you 13 minutes to move a foot or so for the last photo? Geez..... I move slow but that's ridiculous!:roll:
So that's where the missing 13 minutes went to...:roll:

Actually... I had a brain fart during those 13 minutes and decided that I would see if a car stereo would fit under there. As you can see, not only will it fit, but there is tons of room left over. I just temporarily set one on top of the gauges and that is what you see in the last picture. If I do put one in there I'll have to fab up two small brackets that will attach to the Fleetliner's upper mounts and buy some of those handlebar speakers. If I do that, I'll have to relocate the ignition switch. Another project for another day.

I love that sheepskin, I might even marry it. Yes... it really helps with the ole' monkey butt...:D
Looks like an old Studebaker hood that's been narrowed. I'm not certain I agree with the other captains. Not to my liking, but that's what makes the world go 'round.

And besides, you are showing off your garage etiquette there Tomo.

Hope the weather breaks soon so we can get together at Raymonds for that "BLING FLING" I'm trying to get him to set up. Remember, the Hamm's on me, if that's what you prefer.

See ya.​