Coolant Overflow Tank Relocate


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Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
I did the coolant tank relocate (to under the seat in the air filter box) a while ago when I started jacking with some intake mods. I never was happy the way the odd shaped stock tank fit and it was nearly impossible to check the level. I tried making a few to fit under the gas tank but never was happy. (My wife doesn't use the same hair spray as BusaJack's wife so I didn't have access to the correct size container:D) I had mounted my Autocom system in there also. So I began a long hard search for a overflow tank that would 1. fit 2. have enough capacity and 3. take up less space. This is the closest I could find. Works pretty good and the Autocom can go back in the air box.

What I started with:

Ready to install:

Installed and Autocom in place:

I guess it's time to work on an intake...
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about time on that intake...;) .maybe it will even add a few more ponies to todays dyno of the predator exhaust... hope to have a set to ya in a few weeks pig9r.
putfile click for larger view
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puke tank

AwW now where u gona keep your beer..Looks good. enough capacity for a side oiler...Jack
Yeah it does have plenty of capacity. It is one quart. The next smallest off-the-shelf size they had was .25 liters. I might try it for ****s and giggles just to see if it would work. I filled the stock tank to the top and poured it into this one and it filled it to about 75% capacity. I got this tank and a few others to try from an OEM supplier. They usually just sell to auto manufacturers. I might see if they can come up with one from another application that is smaller. If anyone else is interested I could probably get a deal on them.
If I have another AC compressor grenade at work I'll save the receiver/dryer, they are very nice spun aluminum containers that look like a Rocket nose cone. They would polish up very nice and you could mount it behind the radiator and keep the airbox for the beer :D

Actually.. your setup looks pretty sweet!
BTW the stock tank will fit in the left hand side panel just fine....

remove the panel, lash one zip tie to the loop on the stock tank and over the fram erail, and reinstal panel....

like it was made for it, I now have a bunch of stuff stashed under my seat