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Nov 27, 2007
I am looking at getting a cool vest for the summer here in Louisiana. Does anyone have a recommendation? I am looking at SixSixOne Core Cooler, Fieldsheer Ice Berg Vest, Silver Eagle's Zip-front Cooling Utility Vest or Silver Eagle's New Generation Men's Classic Cooling Vest.

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Honestly this is the first I've heard of such. It must be a French Quarter fancy :D I always fancied going nekid. But you must wear shoes to drive in most states :D Now-a-days with a mid section spread (larger tool shed) I prefer a waist sash and 3/4 boots. It pays to be modest when riding the greatest bike ever built. :D

What I remember of Louisiana, and I'm a born Cajun, was heat and humidity. Mostly the humidity. A personal air conditioner I imagine will soak the seat on a big individual.

I'm sorry to say but, the Gummit's plans to take lands under the power of Heritage Area legislation would be well directed towards the bayou areas of the country and the lower delta of the Mississippi would be a place to consider. The Delaware bayou area would be my first take over. the topic. But while I'm on the subject, consider the eminent domain legislation that's weaseling through the halls of traitors.

Now, I've not tried it though I have a faux-sheepskin covered gel seat pad, I've been told that chilling it in the frig. for a short period goes along way towards cooling oneself. Too much cold on the back side will bring up warts. ;)
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