Combo set up questions to modify the Classic


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Jan 29, 2008
Los Angeles
For those of you who are DIY types (and probably to others as well), these will come off as stupid questions, but I ask for your indulgence. Here's the set up I'm considering for my 2007 Classic: tailgunner rotary cannon exhaust slip-ons and triple K&N filters. I'd like to be able to do a 3:2 set up to have two exhaust slip ons on the right side. Can this be done? Will this work with the K&N's? Whom can I go to to install the exhaust slip ons for this set up? (I'm in SoCal if anyone has any specific sources). If I get the exhaust done first. can I ride the bike to get the K&N's installed or do I need to worry about installing a powercommander first since I am assuming that I'll need to remap the system? Does anyone have any reference or source on who can do the triple filters under the bearclaw or remove or cut the bearclaw altogether and what's the order I need to go about as far as remapping the engine tune? Also, I saw a site member's bike where he had cut/shortened the rear fender to expose the rear tire more and it looked great. I'd love to do the same thing for my bike, but really need to find someone here who can do this. Any suggestions? I appreciate any input and am grateful for the prior tips I got when I had considered a turbo kit. Still somewhat new here after having joined a week ago.
p.s. Is it protocol to list your bikes that you currently own when you sign off on a thread?

These will fit under the bearclaw... Link Removed

You would need to talk to an exhaust shop to see if they can make a collector for you to mount the tailgunners. You might be better off finding a custom bike shop in your area for both the fender and exhaust.

You will be fine riding with just the exhaust done.

I would get a tuneboy over powercommander.

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I've not seen a set of Tailgunners on a RocketIII. I look forward to seeing the conclusion of your efforts. If you've not seen them yet, consider Predators. I must say they are the most awesome looking alternative to stock piping and the performance, from all I've heard, it's not simply remarkable.
You say you're in SoCal. Might you run into inspection station/registration issues without a stinky Cat box on board?
Definitely the TuneBoy is far above and beyond the PC when it comes importing customized performance tunes. While it is true that Dyno tuning is limited to the use of a PC, there is only so much that can be had with it's use. There's also a means to have your cake and eat it too. A certain individual, here on the forum, will rent a PC for a very attractive low dollar cost. This will enable you to import a Dyno tune, derived by means of the PC, into you Tuneboy enhanced Rocket. This is itself a very important value, I hear, over in your neck of the woods. PowerCommander just paid a huge judgement in it's defense of modifying left coast emissions standards. An attached PC is a red flag, while TB is not an attached piece of hardware; it's indiscernible. With a TB Tune, the readout is ONLY seen as an authorized base tune. So you take a SoCal authorized base tune and jazz it up.

It is my considered opinion, most often I'm the only one considering it :D; that, without eliminating the "log" (a colloquial assignment), or in my terms a "major choke-hold", of the three into one (regardless whether you have 1 or a dozen muffs to follow). was that not a run-on I guess "log" is more succinct, but in any case: by regulating the Rocket to 93 octance you've not explored AVgas, oops another thread...The log has to go to open the beast up.

Listing bikes? If you like. You can add them to your signature line or you might simply add them, or not, to your profile. Whatever blows your skirt up :D
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Then, it's Tuneboy, singleTailgunner 3:1 rotary cannon, and change in air filter

But what are the best options then on the air filter set up: triple K&N's under the bearclaw or with it along with the secondaries removed?, forward facing air filter under the bearclaw and if so, which air filter, custom made air filter, under the seat exclusively, under the seat and under the bearclaw, something else?

Yes P9, I am enjoying this site; I think it's great.
spyder, i'm in costa mesa if you want to see how frig'n *****n the large kyurks are with the custom dynamic led stop /turn set up is. major bright. center is red stop and outer ring of leds are yellow turn.
no inspections in cali. her3tic..
the cali "new" pc 111 mod in the upper ranges of the rpm from what i understand..