CLYDESIDE TO STATESIDE or (Across the USA on an R3)


.060 Over
Mar 7, 2006
Sydney, Australia
In the latest TORQUE magazine there is an article on two blokes who rode from Boston to LA (5000 miles) on a couple of Rockets. Good article and great pics... So if you really want to know how the Rocket stands up as a touring beast... Enjoy the read!!:cool:


Living Legend
Feb 25, 2006
I haven't recieved my latest Torque yet... But I did get a little postcard saying my membership had expired even though I am a ways away from the two year end date. I guess that program has expired, eh? I need to register on their website... so I'll probably never see this issue.

I have read about these two guys in the last couple of issues, it has been a running series. I need to win the lotto or something so I can just take off for weeks :D.
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