Clutch lever pivot bolt


Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
Hey everyone, I'm looking for a replacement bolt for the clutch lever pivot. I was trying to take some of the play out of the lever (rattled around more than I thought it should) but when I tried to tighten the hex nut, I was not aware (silly me) that the fastener was a "shoulder bolt" and was already tightened securely. Well, with just enough muscle, I was able to twist the threaded end right off the shoulder screw.

It is a socket head style shoulder screw (4mm allen wrench size I think) and takes an M6 hex nut. I ordered one from BikeBandit but the screw they sent was wrong. It must be for a later model cause it states for "Serial Number blah blah blah or newer" and is a complete different style. The screw they sent has no way to be held while the nut is tightened, except it appears to have a protrusion beneath the head which sits in a slot on the clutch lever bracket to prevent turning. Anyones pivot screw look like that, with no means of putting an allen wrench or combination wrench on the head (the top is just smooth)?

Anyway, then I called Engle Motors in KC and they have one but it is the hex head style which will not match the one on the brake lever side. I guess I could buy 2 screws but they only have one for now. Such a delima for a moment if stupidity.

I moved this to the general Tech Talk..... I'll bet it turns out to be more of a "discussion" thread :D