Classic verses Standard R3 Handle Bars?

I don't know the exact specs however I have the Classic and have riden Toystoretom's standard right after mine. The standard handlebars make the bike feel much more flickable and sporty (if that's possible for an 800lb bike). Almost enough to make me consider switching.
Flick my BIC


The R3c's bars are 1.5 inches wider on each side than the standard R3 and from a personal standpoint, I prefer the Classic bars over the Standard's bars. If I had gotten a standard R3, I'd have had to add the Rivco risers or machined my own. The R3c's bars have just enough pull back and drop to negate the risers for my 6' 2" frame. I don't know about the "flickable" part. It ain't a roadracer. If I wanted a roadracer, I'd have gotten a Daytona 955I. Besides, I'm too old for the "flickable" thang.:cool:

In retrospect, when I bought the R3c, I was seriously considering having the bars changed to standard issue at the dealer as well as taking the plasma cutter and lopping off the rear portion of the heel and toe shifter. Over the past 2 months I've grown quite accostomed to both and I'm happy with them.
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