Chrome levers were amongst the first options in the Aug. '04 (already?) Rocket III release package. I specified them, amongst other goodies (chrome oil tank, hardware kit, clock and fuel gauge kit, etc.) upon... triumphantly placing my order. I got the bike a month later with most of the dealer-installed goodies on it. Except for them levers. The dealer suggested that plating would have make them too brittle. They have since vanished from Triumph's menu. Jamie:cool:
I tried.... but no luck

I bought an extra set and took them to a guy who specializes in putting chrome on aluminum but my problem was I couldn't get the rivot off that held the two pieces together on each lever. And if I got them apart, how in the &(*% would I put them back together?
Not removing the rivet would give you a beautifully chromed lever that wouldn't move!

Flip, help me out on this one!
I got chrome levers and chrome end caps, no thanks to Triumph though. I bought extras and sent them to be chromed. I absolutely love em. And for the life of me, I can't figure why Triumph doesn't offer them.
Dam Flip, Being retired now you should have enough time to polish more than just your knob..I love being an old fart and watching you up and comming old farts struggle with It..He He LOVE Jack..If I ever give you a ride you will have to hold on to my knob,no sissey bar..HOHOHO Te He