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Jan 3, 2007
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not if you like kitsch--whatever the **** that is!! it's a show bike! get over it! you pure stock guys kill me. ya ridin around on a bike w/ the ugliest tank and radiator that's ever been on a production bike. yet ya can't appreciate the artistic value in a custom bike. let me pull up on his blue r3 at your next salvo and see where the crowd/pics gravitate to. and when some guy shells out 60-70$ u.s. for it--the hours will be worth it. the bike is a genius piece of work--something a guy who's only put petrol in his machine wouldn't understand! if ya don't know ****--don't say stupid ****!! i'm probably the only guy here that's torn the r3 down entirely to the frame. i know what ya got. better than you do! don't dog cuss something you have no insight into. keep fillin it up w/ gas and shut the fk up!!.--i'm in jackson ms. if ya don't like it! --and yes--john l. mckee is my real name. don't need no alias ta speak my mind!!---i ain't runnin for office!--john

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Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2007 12:54 am Post subject:


You are correct John, the paint on this bike was truly amazing. I'm no fan of skulls, flames, and all the usual drek, but this was very beautiful from stem to stern. And I ride a very stock Rocket, just my thing.
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Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2007 2:54 am Post subject:


Well spoke johnm ray neff seems a nice kid but no artist this single swing arm and rim brakes are hot **** and this is fun but I prefer punctuation....
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Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2007 4:28 am Post subject:


Quite right, this bike is a nice piece of work - artistically and mechanically. The paint does look top notch from this angle but I'd have to look in person to see how tight it really is.

Was this one of the Metric Revolution bikes that Ray Neff competed against? Why haven't we seen this before? It'd be my pick for best Rocket custom, hands down. Puts to shame that silver Rocket kinda-drag thing and, you know, that other brown one.
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Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2007 6:06 am Post subject:


I'm with JMc on this one. All the bikes on Metric Build off are worthy of attention. Because we are focused on R3isms is no reason to slight any of them. They are out of the box.
Dusold is, IMHO,, the best in stylin' and innovation. Who else thought to drop the radiator to below and add ducting to it. Truely inspired. The air bag suspension isn't anything new, nor is the shafty to chain but the overall creation/combination is above and beyond what meer mortals think. Show bike yes - everyday street bike no! It was never intended to be - but wouldn't you like to ride up to your favorite watering hole on it? Just once? Like a Maseratti among Minis.
Iffen you don't like it - move on, get over it.
I'll pray for you.

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john l. mckee
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Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2007 3:52 pm Post subject: r3


riderrocket---yes-it was part of metric revolution. mgs did silver "drag" bike. and ray neff did nice springer front end. again ,if you saw it in person............!!! sheetmetal/paint is awesome! ------wing---please do pray. we all need it--especially me. as you said-airbag and shaft/chain is not new concept. but dusold takes it to new level. probably latino car influence in his area. (paints/airbrushes cars too) matt hoche did air suspension years ago but most builders use" legend" type softail air system. (afx / trick-air /etc.). not big ole dbl. bag . ( see american iron magazine -spring issues--for excellent articles on suspension st-up by vince costa of american suspension.) i attend the biggest aftermarket 3 day show in usa every year--v-twin expo in ohio. and dusold is on the leading edge. w/ all he does. we should applaud him choosing the r3 to do his majic on. not lambast him cause ya don't understand it!! or even if ya don't like it. just try ta appreciate 1st class work. it's still an r3 guys! betcha yamaha / honda / suz /even hardley wishes he had chosen them!! --john

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