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cane corso

Apr 4, 2006
Canada, Toronto
05 Triumph rocket 111
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Pig9r and busajack put some really nice sites up with a lot of nice pictures of the Rockets, and I noticed some of the Rockets have a chin spoiler under the radiator. Does anyone know where to buy one? And also there is a different fly screen than the one available from Triumph . This one seems to go more on an angle and wrap around the lights more. Does anyone know where to get one? I have looked on the internet but I have not seen them? And also that blue and white Rocket that has two exhausts on one side and two on the other side I didn't think that would be possible. How is that done? Is there a kit? Dose it give you more power and a different sound? Thanks.
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Yikes... we considered installing a translator here but the results were laughable. You are better off using Jamie :bch:
No my wife is Chinese can't read Japanese .If anyone finds out where I can buy one of those Chin Spoiler please let me know. You would think if there custom made in japan and people are buying them there be a market here any one have the skill?
Not so hard to do.....


The skill is involved in making the first mold. After that, it's not skill, just a chopper gun or laying up mat and mixing resin and the mold will most likely be plywood. Anyone could do it in the garage. It just stinks. Of course there is the paint issue. Ive been there with the paint before. Triumph uses British Standox colors. British Standox is a wholly owned subsidary of DuPont but DuPont, NA color formulary isn't interchangeable with British Standox. Consequently, each color has to have spectroscopically analysis and the mixing formulary custom written. Like I said, been there, done that on my sidecar.

I too really like the chin spoiler. Even a gel-coat spoiler with a wet scuff and a rattle can gloss black finish would work for me and look tits with the black, classic engine block.
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Twas quite large a collection of Rocket Captains and some interesting bikes as well. What is the major benefit of the chin support. Other than detracting from the brawn of the engine. Could be enhanced to funnel air along sides of engine??? That might resolve the apparent heat increase with the installation of Lowers:)

The heel operated rear brake was curious:eek: That would take some steep learning curve for me.:D
Fiber glass

PPG has the paint for any rocket.Cane, you can carve up some styrofoam to the shape of the spioler and fiberglass over it with (epoxy) resin. You can not use ployester resin as it will eat the styrofoam. Three -four layers of mat and cloth let harden well then pour gasoline on it and the styrofoam melts away and leaves just the glass..A little body work and you have a one of chin spoiler..If I wasen't so sensatized to that stuff I'd make a few. If I mess with It now I break out in hives all over. The epoxy resin is not as bad but my Doc. says stay away from it. Its for younger people..Same thing with the fly screen. I would bet those guys made them themselves..They are very capable people.. Jack PS In case the EPA askes I didn't tell you about the gas and styrofoam...LOL

Look at it this way, what does your chin do? It does a lot. It keeps stray food from dribbling down on to your clean shirt, it provides a place for your beard to grow, it's a good place to place in your hand when resting your head, it supports your lower lip and it forms the lower part of your face and the contour.

That's exactly what it does on the bike. It forms a contour that allows a flowing lower line and probably a smother airflow. It asthetically smooths the lower frontal area and covers all the protrusions on the lower engine front like the oil filter and water pump and respective hoses and hardware. Basically, it covers and smooths the front of the engine which actually looks like a bunch of knots on a bald pate.

I seriously doubt it would have any effect on wind turbulence or cooling effect of the engine. It might improve fuel mileage a miniscule amount, but it looks neat and fast and smooth, just like the Corbin Fleetliner fairing (of course Tomo's looks scuffed after gravity got a hold of it), but that's another story.:D