Apr 18, 2007
Ringgold, GA
Well, I changed the oil in the Rock today, it went fairly smooth. Due to my crash last year, I still don't have an excessive amount of mobility in my right leg, so getting up and down on the ground is perhaps the hardest part of the job. I have an 05 model and had just logged 11,000 miles so it was past time for it's change on the service interval, the dealer changed it before I got it, back in April with about 6,700 showing. I feel that around 5,000 miles is good considering that it is full synthetic and the factory recommends every 10,000. As, it turns out, I have the early style sump, the one that actually matches the service manual.

Got my oil at AutoZone and the filter at the dealer, figured I had better support them in some way. The oil is the Mobil 1 4T racing in 10w40, I know it is not what mother Triumph suggests, but sod them, its my bike and thats all that AutoZone had in the 4T.:D

If you are coming up on an oil change and wondering if you can do it, I'd think maybe yes you can. Afterall if this crippled, crazy guy can do it so can you. (I had old in there but as most of you are older than the moon I took it out.)

A little bit of satisfaction to be had DIY. Jack will ask you if you changed the gear oil in the final drive too.:D

If you do(and that's very easy), be careful about tightening the drain plug. No more torque than the shop manual says (I think 15Nm.). I will break off. It has an undercut shoulder and not a lot of meat. Use a synthetic gear lube.
Somewhat less than the age of this here mother earth. And depending upon your beliefs in Planet X it's not made of cheese. On the one hand Planet X doesn't exist and the moon is made of cheese :D
You hear that Iam younger than the earth..Yahoooo
CADfather, I use AMSOIL front and rear. Do be careful with the drain plug. There is a suggestion for an alternative pug somewhere herein.
It was my intent to drain at 5k intervals and I'm ready with a fresh fill. The 10W-40 will be alright now that the temps are chilling a bit. I wouldn't otherwise run so thin a lube in GA mid summer heat. The breakdown in 10W oil weight is severe. The avg viscosity is rather low. On the other hand a 15W-50 degraded is quite suitable for GA winters, even the mountains; such as they are.

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