Ceramic Coating

PM I realy like the looks of the ceramic pipes and am toying with doing it myself. do you think it diverts any heat away from the captain?? I don't know how long you have been running these pipes, so what can you tell about chipping and marring is the finnish going to hold up well????
So Far..... So Good

GS.... I had them done the week before the Nashville ride. I think I put on 1300 or so miles down and back and have ridden it in town for 6 weeks after Nashville. I don't see a single problem with chipping or blemishes. I thought I'd read something about ceramic running a bit cooler than standard pipes but I can't document it.

I should clarify that I had all three tail pipes done but coating the flange covers and the tips of the chrome covers is just cosmetic. I wanted it to appear as though the pipes was black, coming out of the manifold, and then you'd catch a glimpse of the pipe a few times in between the chrome covers before coming out the back.
I guess that means no reduction in heat at the Captain's Table ...... only coming out the back!
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