raymond braswell

Jul 24, 2006
Kansas City, Missouri
The last time Pianoman, Pig9r and Toystoretom got together I told a story that Pianoman wanted me to post: A few Fridays ago I was out with my Russian friend Anna, (girl A). We ran into another friend Sande (girl B) and I introduced them for the first time. The following Sunday I rode my bike to breakfast to meet a friend, and on the way back home my cell phone must have fallen out of my pocket. Turns out some guy finds it in the middle of the street and calls the last number dialed (girl A) and says he has my phone and will give it to her to give back to me. Once she has it she realizes that she does not know where I live or where I work and has no idea how to get it back to me. Monday she is driving down the street and see's a nail salon that she had never been to. She had a broken nail so she decided to stop in. There she runs into the girl she only met Friday (girl B) and says "hey, I have Ray's cell phone, do you know how to get a hold of him?" Girl B says "I will probably see him tonight." so she takes the phone. That evening after work I drop by my local pub, see girl B who says "here's your phone Ray! Amazing, but it gets better. That night I left my $600 palm pilot in the front seat of my car. The next morning I realized I left the door unlocked and the Palm was gone (I live in the hood). At noon I get a call from a guy who says he has my Palm. Apparently he was having lunch with his girlfriend and a young dude walks up to them with stuff to sell, computer, watches, rings and my Palm. The girl takes the Palm, turns it on, sees my name and tells her boyfriend to buy it for $10 bucks. They then call me, I meet them and give them $10 plus a tip and recover the Palm. Really dumb, but blessed.
I wouldn't have see any of it. to top it off my luck girlA and girlB would have been girls I was dating at the same time which would leave me looking for girlC.:roll:
Raymond, all of us should be so lucky to even be able to discuss (girl a), (girl b), cell phones, palms, crooks, honest friends, etc and still be smilin'.

Someone is really lookin' out for you. Now, where is my share if the "good things"?
Who was it that wrote Women are from Venus and men are from mars? I'll bet Raymond has the authors trilogy set :D That slivered tongues devil.
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