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Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
FYI: Just got my carbon "bearclaw" from Bike Johnny Ltd UK, having given up on Palatina, my first suplier of carbon Rocket goodies. T'was meant to be a gift to my green machine on her second anniversary... which took place a month ago.

Looks good. Carbon fibers baked 'n combed (or is it the other way around?) in a chequered flag pattern, a good match for my unpainted Palatina carbon fork gaiters (I... painted the carbon mini front guard) and my Corbin "faux" carbon seat upholstery.

Interested? I'll try to post a "before-and-after" pic once I have put it on... and provide ordering details as/if you guys need (Bike Johnny do carbon Rocket front guards too, as well as various carbon covers).

Rave on! Jamie:cool:
Luscious Fibers

Hi Flip. Answer is: Bike Johnny Ltd, PO Box518, Maidstone, Kent, ME16 OHO, UK. (or OHQ, bit hard to decipher). Check their products out on Order admin. is on Need to add that delivery time was as promised and that export packing (carbon IS brittle) to Switz. was beyond the call of duty. Best of luck. Jamie:cool:


If you go to their website and click on the fork protectors and then click on details, a carbon fiber dressed R3 comes up. It's absolutely awesome. Has the radiator side panels, front fender, bear claw and a nice set of hard bags too. Everything in carbon fiber but the bags and I like to bags too. Going to start out with the fork protectors. Thanks Jamie. Good site.:gp:
Carbon News (cont'd)

Just a bit of advice, Flip: The stuff is made as ordered. If you plan on having several carbon mods, it' s preferable (money aside) to order them from the same supplier and all at once. Reason?: The fiber pattern and thus the overall appearance will very likely be the same on all the mods.

(in fact, there is little bit of a mismatch --at least in my scrutinizing view-- between my Palatina gaiters and this Bike Johnny bearclaw:rolleyes: ).

Via PM, will ask Tomo-Moto, if I may, to post pics here later today. Best. Jamie:cool:
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My bike all right, Travelguy:rolleyes: . Increasingly mine...

The carbon bearclaw is my gift to her for her second anniversary (she dates back to October '04, you see.. ). The chrome oil tank --a Triumph accessory-- has been on her almost since day one.

And yes, GREEN DOES ROCK. Jamie:bch: