Carbon Fibre Wheels


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Sep 12, 2006
Nr Jhb. South Africa
Hi from SA.

I got a mail earlier today from a guy claiming to want to see my R3 with a view to designing CF wheels. Not going to mention any names, but found a thread on here with name and with stuff about "info revoked" on a closed thread.

Guy also claims that his company in in Joheannesburg, SA.

Anuone shed any light on this odd situation.

Thanks. :confused:
Hombre has ordered 10 sets of carbon wheels from a company in johanesburg , but they need to see a rocket layout and have been unable to find a dealer with one , he has put feeler out to r3 owners on the site from that area

The CF wheels thread was closed because frankly it started growing tentacles and needed to be slain. Some members from here found a soft spot on the underbelly of a member on and it went down hill from there.
As Sullyjones stated there is an effort @ to make some carbon fibre wheels a reality.

If you do a search for "carbon fiber" on our site you can get a gist of the carbon fibre debate along with an abundance of gags, jokes and jabs.

Simon you can E-mail me privately if you require more details and/or information.
They probably need to study the rear hub and final drive unit to engineer the carbon fiber wheel, along with the front wheel layout. Since they will have your bike for awhile and will of course take it all apart, I think it would be nice to get a free set of complimentary CF wheels :D.

How have ya been Simon??

Hi guys. long time. Thanks for the feeback, and all is becoming clear. Had further email from Blackstone and all seems ok. I will call them today. I was more worried about their bona fides than anything else.

Tom. Got your pm. No need to worry. :)

Thanks again from across the pond.


Good for you!! I hope it all works out and they get their project completed.

Don't be a stranger....:bch: