Carbon fiber rims


You're obviously a very serious man... BST has already copied me on your CF wheel order. It's a pleasure to encounter another "no bull****" kind of R3 owner.

I'll post some photos and a ride report ASAP.
Here's a tease while I take a break from installation:

The CF front wheel with Pirelli tire is on the bike, and when checking the steering on the jack stand (elevated front wheel)... it's like there is no front wheel! Feels like a feather compared to the stock wheel and tire. :eek:

BTW, the MC shop that mounted the tires tested just the rims for balance before tires... best they'd ever seen.
A couple quick photos before I go test riding... will post more (with some installation tips) later. :D
Jeezzze now it looks like a ****** rocket..Thanks we just wanted to see them on the bike...HO hum BJC Oh forgot, how bout a paint job dude or do you like it that way??
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