Can't connect to the ECU


Jun 23, 2006
Having a problem with the bike and with Tuneboy. I have been running Tuneboy for about six months and have never had a problem with it. Never had a problem with the bike's fuel pump either.

So today I try downloading a tune but Tuneboy tells me "trying to connect to Keihin ECU type," then to "sent initialisation string" and back to the first message, etc. I am unable to download a tune into the ECU, but it will tell me what tune is in the bike.

So I give up on Tuneboy and want to go out riding. When I turned it on, the speedometer and RPM needle went to the right as usual but no fuel pump. When I tried to start the bike, it would not turn over at all; in fact, it made no noise when I tried starting.

I checked all of the fuses, and they were good. The battery is fully charged as well.

Would appreciate any feedback on this one!
Do both your headlights work? If they are both burned out it kills the starter circuit... maybe the fuel pump too...

go through the rest of the drill... kickstand switch.. kill switch on the handlebar... neutral indicator sensor...ignition switch

If you get no action out of any of that... check power and ground to the ECM, I know you said you checked the fuses but you could have a wiring problem of some kind.

Have you done any kind of work to it just recently?
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First, are you using the same computer with the same OS and same peripherals? Do you connect the cable, open tunedit and then turn the bike on? If not try it in a different order. Open tunedit, connect cable, turn on bike. Turn on bike, connect cable, open tunedit.

Have you loaded the latest version of Tunedit or is the same version you last used?

If you are using a lap top make sure it is plugged in to a power supply and not just running off of the battery.

From what you describe I don't think it is connecting at all. Just FYI when you open Tunedit it opens the last tune you had opened the last time you had the program running.

As Tom said ECU ground and headlight bulb, but I would double check the battery. Especially with the hotter temps and fuel pump not priming. Try jumping from another vehicle.

Sorry for all the questions I know you want answers but I have problems connecting every once in a while also and usually changing the order I do things as described in the first paragraph sorts it out.

Tunedit always opens with the last tune that was opened.
Appreciate the feedback guys.

Both headlights do work. I went through the rest of the drill that you mentioned Tom.

So far as checking the wiring to the ECU...That's what the PC III is connected to? So I just gotta lift the tank and check the connections like that?

I haven't done any work to it. Though I did accidentally try to load a tune while the bike was running. I can't imagine that would screw things up, but maybe it did?

I am using the same ol' laptop I've always used. So far as the order, I always connect the Tuneboy cable to the bike and laptop, turn on the bike, then open Tuneboy. However, I will change the way I open things.

I will try jumping it from another vehicle as well, and I'll try changing my order of hooking up Tuneboy to the bike.

Thanks guys for the insight. My biggest concern is getting that **** fuel pump to prime and getting some triples to roar.

Right now though, I'm gonna sit back, drink some beer, and plan my attack.

Thanks to Pig9r and Toystoretom for some ideas on this one. I got the fuel pump priming again and I can download tunes. My Triumph mechanic is a great guy, but he was unable to help me. Two guys I've never met were able to help me out. It is an interesting world. You two got many a rounds waiting on you down in Central Texas if and when you make it down this way by the way.

So I tried a bunch of different combos and didn't get anything. Finally decided to try the older version of Tuneboy. I did things in a different order as was suggested: I turned on the laptop and hooked up the Tuneboy cord to laptop. Turned on bike. Loaded Tuneboy. Then hooked the cord to bike. I hit "recover from failed download" and heard that fuel pump prime in a few to my ears.

Thanks also goes out to Wayne from Tuneboy for volunteering to help me out if I couldn't get things squared away.

And as luck would have it, the monsoons have stopped in Central Texas. It's time to ride!