Can You Hear Me Smiling?


Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
What a productive morning! I visited Pig9r for some TuneBoy 101 instruction and found he already had a perfect tune for me. It was done by Wayne on a dyno with Staintune exhaust, cat box and K&N Air Filter. Let me tell you...... the difference between the old tune (20050) and now is remarkable.

I took ANGUS out for a spin after the download and for the first few blocks I was easy on the throttle and no big acceleration involved. When I left the sub division I let it roll up to about 10 mph and then got on it pretty good. In a split second my front wheel had leaped off the ground and I could hardly hold on to the bars. Facial skin is being G-Forced at a positive rate equal to a mini face lift.
Second gear was an instant replay of first gear. WOW!

Decel has little or no back fire and what I thought was a responsive throttle before ...... now seems light years behind. I think this extra performance will save me money in the long run since I don't think I'll have to buy a super charger or Turbo. Link Removed

Link Removed
Pianoman,now why did you go and do that for.I'm just getting used to hanging on my stocker,considering a cat bypass with stock silencers just for a little increase in the rumble factor.I think about the idle problems and gas milage and new tune that backfires then the pcIII and it's developmental peculiarities and say,"Why"?Then I read you and go thru the same process again.I'll ask my mechanic about all this and see if it will hurt my warrenty.:(
Idle Okay

Bag...... I must have lucked out with the idle situation. When the engine's cold, it jumps up to 700-800 rpm for a few seconds. As soon as I rev once.........back to 500 rpm and stays put. I've even tried dropping into 1st around 3 grand and then hitting the clutch. It drops fast and probably bottoms out at 400 rpm then right back up to 500 and sits. Don't ask me why, but so far ( knock on wood) everything's worked correctly except the fuel sensor and the new one shows empty at 4.5 gallons so I can live with that.