Bump In The Night


Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
Several of you have sent PM's to me saying you hadn't seen me on the site quite as much as usual. There's a good reason ....... I was in a serious rear end collision on I-35 the evening of the 10th of January.

Seems as though when traffic slows down, some people don't. A Chevy C-10 chose to save wear and tear on his tires by not applying his brakes prior to the crash. I've posted a picture on my photo album.

Thank goodness, no life threatening injuries though my arms and legs were tossed around like a salad and my seat broke which shot my back and neck onto the floorboard behind me. Newton's 2nd law was in effect that night. The van lurched forward but my body liked where it was and tried to stay there.

Long and short of it......... I'm pretty banged up and just now starting to get around some. I should be up to speed shortly.

Thanks for all your concern....... Dave
close call

glad you made it through dave,

that sounds way to close for comfort.:mad:

heal quickly. greg
Shoot Pianoman, very sorry to hear about your mishap, but very glad it wasn't worse. Things can be replaced but at our age getting us back together like we were takes so much longer than we want and hope his insurance takes that into consideration.
Tomo's law office here, just as soon as I fill out this online application form.

Good Gawd.... I hope your allright. Any cute nurseys in the hospital?

Piggr and I can fill in for your gigs if you need us, I can't play or sing but I can make a good target for fresh fruit :D

Get well soon Dave!