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Feb 25, 2006
If you find a bug during the shakedown cruise... please report it here.

It appears that the alphabetical index for the photo album doesn't work...
More Bugs..

We are having some problems with new registrations it seems. Currently they are not being added to the member list, new members don't seem to be able to install avatars and they can't upload new pics into their photo albums.

Since most of you are new... please bear with us while we sort this out.... it worked at one time...:eek:
It seems Triumf3 is in the memberlist? Did anything change in the configuration or does this site just like him more than the rest of us???..haha
Buggy update!!!

Our techno wizzard has fixed a few things as you can see.

As far as showing up on the memberlist it appears that you need at least two posts in the forums before you are included in the memberlist. I had deleted one of Vonbonds posts (I know... censorship already :p) so he was in a hole to start with.

As you can see the avatar issue was resolved, our control panel for this forum makes the Starship Enterprise's flight deck look like a tinkertoy and ... ahem... er... something got turned off. Expect more little mishaps like that until we get the hang of running this thing.

The photo album lacked "permissions" for regular members, moderators could post but not the troops. What good is that. Limits were also put in place on how many photos a day you can upload. Also... for right now it will not support Videos.

If you see any other issues please let me know. I'm not fishing for trouble and I probably would have had a time of it fixing these issues without help from our webmaster, but once we get it all working we can move onto the fun :D.
I get an avatar but I don't exist....oh well...story of my life...woe is me....:p

Wait...I do exist...glory hallelujah...I can see...I can see....
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Maybe another bug to sort out.
The application IS NOT remembering my password even though I have checked "Remember Me?" in the home screen. It comes up with my User Name but not password. Will we really be required to enter password every time we want to Log In???
I am using Mozilla FireFox as the browser because it has Spell Check.
I am also using Mozilla FireFox for and it remembers my password so I doubt if it is a problem with the browser or my PC OS and or FireWall.
Man this is going to be like learning how to have sex all over again.
It also appears that I have not been added to the Member List but I think you are on top of that one.

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