BST Carbon Fiber R3 Wheels


Dec 31, 2006
Blackstone Tec of South Africa has successfully engineered their carbon fiber wheels for the R3. They are producing 20 sets (front and rear), of which 10 sets have already been sold to make the deal happen. If anyone here desires a set at our special group buy rate, contact Gary at BST directly as in email below:

Hi hombre,

Can you start letting the buyers contact me direct then and we can start collecting deposits, I should be completely finished with the design during this week. I will only start cutting material once I have received the deposits. I can confirm that your special pricing for this group purchase will be $3600 per set ex factory. I will discuss with engineering if I can get a cad drawing for you in the next week or so. We will make the wheel to accept the OEM shaft.

As I said before we are going to make 20 sets in this 1st run so if you can get more people interested, great.Delivery time will be in part determined by how quickly we get all the deposits in.Once all is in it should be 6 - 8 weeks all going well and we are building for 1600lbs.

Regards from
Gary Turner
Managing Director
BlackStone Tek (Pty) Ltd
Tel: +27 11 704-0026
Fax: +27 11 704-0031

I'm letting this forum know as a personal favor to Gary and BST... but don't say I never did nothing for ya'! :cool:



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Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland

Thanks. Have quoted your post and quote to a local carbon fiber... er... glutton. He has thus far relied on Palatina goodies but Palatina, reportedly, does not (or does not yet) offer a front and rear set. Jamie:cool: