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Sep 9, 2006
Tahlequah, Oklahoma
During the weekend of June 8-10, The Greater Atlanta British Motorcycle Association will have it's 22nd British in the Blueridge Rally at the Bald Mountain park in Hiawasse, Georgia. This is a great event to attend for a weekend of camping and riding. The place is a huge campground with modern facilities and great camping also. During the weekend, the place will be covered up with British bikes of all makes and years. There is also the usual bike shows and rodeo style events. They also group together and go on rides according to the riders skill level. It's a pretty wild sight and a thrill to try to keep up with some of the seasoned riders as they haul ass thru the mountain roads on some old british iron. I went a couple of years ago on my Trophy 4 and **** near got thrown out of the event for pulling a wheelie in the campground :rolleyes:! I learned quickly that this is a mature and very family oriented event. Information and regestration can be found at
Hope to see some captains out there this year! Bigern