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Feb 25, 2006
These are photos from bigern2300's teardown of his engine after he bent his shift rod when he dropped his bike. Unfortuneately the shift rod bent inside the case and needed to be replaced. Most of the discussion on this subject is over at T Rat but we have had a time trying to post some pics so for the time being I am putting them here... 4 in a group.

I hope these in the first group belong to bigern2300... the next ones I know belong to him!!
The next four...

Number 1

He just had to sneak this one in...

Number 2

Number 3

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Nice to see things look pretty much the same as inside a Honda, Yamaha, or Suzuki with respect to transmission layout and shift drum. Thanks again Big Ern for making pics available and to Tomo for putting them up.:)
I have a renewed interest in completeing my 1973 CL125S. this fall and winter.:cool:
Thankx Hodax, i wish i could say it's been my pleasure, but what started out as a simple repair has turned into a nightmare! But things are looking up. Also everyone, turned out that nothing was bent, but there was some broken, missing pieces fron the gear detent assembly. If you look closely at photo #9, near the center of the picture, you will see two small black lines comming off the round center part of the detent assemble and each end resting on two small tabs. This is part of the detent that ratchets back to spin the shift drum for another gear. On mine, one of the tabs was missing and the spring had popped off not allowing the shifter pedal to return fully. My bike initally had all the gears after my mishap, although first was hard to get, then she got stuck in fifth. I've read several other post where this spring was the culprit of no shift problems. I'll post pictures of the offending parts in greater detail. Bigern
New photos of broken tranny parts

Posted some new photos of what was actually damaged in my transmission shifter assembly. The descriptions can be kind of confusing if you don't actually see how it works. But give it a look anyways in the members album. Thanks, Bigern.