Bear claw - Airbox


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Nov 25, 2006
Heart of Dixie (Alabama)
What is it that comprises the air box that is under the bear claw. It it a filtration device or simply an air distribution box which obtains air from the underseat filter. I've failed to obtain the answer from the shop manual.:confused:

Great! I'm brain storming here. My idea is how to input cyclonic air flow into the throttle bodies, cheaply. Could be anti-cyclonic for the folks down under:) Which ever way the toilet (water closet) circulates. I'm by no means a mechanic; so, whether such would be advantageous for TBs is a question for all ya'll that are so enabled. BTW: "all ya'll" is plural.

I'm thinking of kicking a slinky down the stairs. Or a the very least employing a few spirals off the length of a slinky to impart some air circulation for increased air and fuel mixture:confused: Your photos will give me some greater insight. I've a TBI spacer device on my K1500 with a Jasper 350cid V-8. It's no more than an inch tall. It seems to have improved both mileage, by 1-2 mpg, and throttle response. I have only have seat of the pants support for the latter.
Would you say the portions of the three TB seals that extend inward into the "plenum" air box are about 1/2" deep? And while you're at it:confused: What is the I.D. of those portions? 50 mm?
heritic hombre from the other site found the internal support spring from the uni filters is the correct size for what you're describing... kinda a vortex effect. he has velocity stacks but feels the spring placed inside the tb's improved the response..